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  • Roof reinforcement with rebars in two directions and in the top and bottom regions with the direction selector.
  • Roof reinforcement with the RF_EDGE element (single roof)
  • Roof reinforcement with the Mesh element in the top and bottom regions.
  • Concrete cover correction in case of walls.
  • Reinforcement only in the core of slabs.
  • ID handling of RF_BEAM, RF_COLUMN and RF_EDGE elements: if the same ID is used twice in the element, a YELLOW sign will inform the user about it.
  • More advanced reinforcement of beams and columns.
  • RF_CHAIR is included in the Cutting list with the necessary parameters.
  • BEAM reinforcement with the correct section dimensions.
  • Enhanced stability. If the program cannot perform an action, a warning window appears with information about the failure.
  • ABOUT window


  • Reinforcement of circular columns. RF_COLUMN is placed automatically by the add-on into the relevant column with many settings.
  • Spiral stirrup for manual or automatic placement.
  • Dedicated layers for Reinforcement: in Archicad 26/27 layers are grouped into the Reinforcement folder, in version 25 and below these layers will be simply created.
  • Update checking system, which helps the user to see when a newer version of Reinforcement is available.
  • Reinforcement 5 will support Archicad from 23 to 27.


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