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PLUS PACKAGE - Artlantis RT² + Artlantis 2021 + iVisit 360




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Artlantis RT² is a new real-time photorealistic rendering software


Compatible with all modeling software on the market, Artlantis RT² allows you to create high-quality photorealistic renderings simply and instantly.


You can choose between two rendering modes: Real-Time for fast and efficient rendering and Ray Tracing for high-quality images! Of course, you can choose both modes.




How does Artlantis RT² work?


You have the choice between two rendering modes, depending on your current needs:


  • Thanks to Real-Time, you can create renderings instantly without spending time on calculation! When opening a 3D scene, navigating, modifying materials, lights, or the 3D environment can be previewed right in the preview window.

Performance: 8 full HD images done in less than 27 seconds.

Simplicity: No need to be a graphic designer, image specialist, or even have a super-powerful computer to generate realistic scenes simply and quickly! The software has an ergonomic and intuitive graphic interface and is easy to learn and use.


  • Ray Tracing enables light rays to be launched from the viewpoint (the “camera”) to test the luminous ambiance of an architectural scene. The real-time simulation of light is essential to convey realism to renderings with special regard to reflections on surfaces, shadows, or ambient occlusion, and all this to create high-quality images.

Performance: 40 seconds is all it takes to create a full HD rendering in ray trace mode

Performance: Artlantis RT² is the only rendering software to offer such a high performance in terms of quality/calculation time ratio: your work is fast and well, with no dead time or latency, to obtain strikingly realistic images.



You can also benefit from key innovations: 


  • Project variations

A unique Artlantis RT² feature. In the same file, you can compare and develop several architectural solutions independently. Much more than a set of layers, the “View Combinations” tool lets you test, in parallel, a multitude of possible solutions in previews of unequaled quality.

Agility: Right from the sketch phase, you have a range of proposals to present – directly to your client if you wish. You take note of his suggestions and show him the result within a second. 


  • Unlimited access to objects and textures thanks to the integrated MediaStore

The integrated MediaStore offers thousands of ready-to-use 3D items (characters, plants, or different types of objects) and textures. Click on the object of your choice to place it in your scene.

The manufacturers validate all branded elements present in the MediaStore: the furniture, for example, is perfectly configured, dimensioned, and textured, allowing you to concentrate on what’s essential: your scene

Realism: Reference pieces are available in the integrated MediaStore. The MediaStore is regularly updated by the Artlantis RT² team, which is always searching for new partnerships.



iVisit 360

Viewing and sharing projects

Generate a panorama in Artlantis RT² and bring it to life with iVisit!

1. Import your panorama into iVisit

2. Create your virtual tour

3. Share your project

4. Track your visitors’ activity


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